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 HETE Solar Heat Pipe

HETE Solar Heat Pipe

   HETE Solar heat pipe history
   The R&D success Φ8mm solar heat pipe  Successfully developed the cracking anti-heat pipe and thermosyphon

   The R&D success Φ6mm, Φ10mm siphon solar heat pip   R&D success Φ8mm solar heat pipe,The application of solar heat pipe ,Achieve the global stability of heat pipe applications.The area of heat pipe used in the desktop computers.

   The heat pipe applications in the field of Chinese military computers and radar,The heat pipe used in the balcony tap solar collectors.


Tu1+distilled water

Wall thickness




Temperature bear()




Start up time:


Start up temperature 


Vacuum degree


Heat resistance


Transmission power


Best angle of use

30-60 degree

Working pressure:


Max. Pressure the welding point can bear


Temperature range of anti freezing heat pipe


Life expectation

15 years


8 years


Products introduction

  “SWH core” solar heat pipe is developed by HETE Energy conservation & Environmental protections To meet the demand for popular use. Its substance is to adjust solar water heater export and reduce domestic engineer cost.


Product Technical Feature

   Sale for 8 years, the pipe performances is stable, no failure, decay or complaints until now.
IC-CN patent technology, compatibility fo high and low temperature between-30°C~300°C,global available.
   Cu+H2O,the most stable configurations till now ,pass RoHS certification.
We have material TU1 and TU2,to meet your demand for various products.
   S-WHT technology, treatment of the inner wall and space, reduce the non-condensable gas effectively.


Product Technical Date

   Lifetime: lifetime is the first consideration of solar heat pipe ,it mainly focus on the pipe does not transfer heat or heat transfer efficiency decay.
1、Form of Expression: Heat transfer power
2、Test method :test high temperature performance test heat transfer power
3、Judge base:







Not qualified


4、The curve diagram of solar heat pipe.


   High-temperature resistance properties: High-temperature resistance properties are the base of choosing heat pipe and test preparative ,it mainly represent on the pipe burst ,failure or decay under high temperature.
It represents on the solar heat pipe preventing blast under high temperature, the parameter is:

Wall Thickness




Allowable Temperature





   It represents on solar heat pipe failure or decay under high temperature ,it proves the solar heat pipe exists problems as following:
1、The working media is not appropriate
2、Working Media and shell is incompatible.
3、Solar heat pipe exist chronic leakage.
4、Impurity exists in shell or working media
   Low-temperature resistance properties:IC-CN antifreeze technology. change the working media icing sequence, so it will not frost cracking under -30°C.


   Heat transfer power: Heat transfer Power is an important indication of judging heat pipe performance ,it reflects the heat loss during the heat transfer procedure from the side. The larger the transmission power ,the less the heat loss, accordingly, the solar collector can gain more heat.


   Isothermal performance: Isothermal performance is auxiliary evaluation indications of solar heat pipe performance. The heat pipe that tested under high temperature can be judged if exist noncondensable gas inside it. By the isothermal performance testing. Accordingly, we can check if the shell and working media is appropriate.

    The HETE heat pipes have a boiling point of only around 25oC. At room temperature the water in the heat pipe forms a small ball shape. When the heat pipe is shaken, the ball of water can be heard rattling inside. Although it is just water, it sounds like a piece of hard metal.
    While is sounds simple, making a quality HETE heat pipe requires more than 20 manufacturing steps with strict quality control .
    Material quality and cleaning are extremely important to the creation of a good quality heat pipe. The purity of the copper itself must also be very high, containing only trace amounts of oxygen and other impurities.  If the copper contains too many impurities, they will leach out into the vacuum over time forming a pocket of air in the top of the heat pipe. This has the effect of moving the heat pipe's hottest point downward away from the bulb where the heat transfer is required to occur. 
    HETE produces its own heat pipes in an ISO9001:2000 certified facility, carefully controlling and quality checking each aspect of the production process.
    Unlike other solar heat pipe ,HETE’s heat pipes have four major advantanges :
    1.HETE heat pipes’ working medium is distilled water which is environmental protection and non-toxic liquid and passed the EU RoHS Directive in 2009.
     While in other heat pipes supliers’manufacturing process, the chemical liquids such as methanol,acetone,potassium chromate is filled into the heat pipes which is toxic and cancerogenic.In case of leakage ,it will endanger human health .
    2.HETE uses the unique patent technology anti-freeze technology by seed copper powder with better protection and endure much lower temperature .
    3.  HETE heat pipes have a warrantee time of eight years .The heat transfer performance    is more stable while the performance degeneration is slower compared with other brands heat pipes.
    4. HETE heat pipes have beened tested by the market for more than ten years and have become the synonym of heat pipes and superior heat pipes .