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 Flat heat pipe
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Flat heat pipe

[Core strengths]

Capillary force heat pipe: increased filling volume and heat pipe heating end diameter, thus ensuring heat pipe small angle when used in the lower part of the formation of the working fluid "liquid pool" to ensure that the heat pipe has a steady flow of working fluid supplement to meet the heat pipe use evaporating refrigerant demand;, but makes a lot of working fluid inside the heat pipe steam vaporization process extended to form a liquid containing a large number of bubbles, bubble-shaped shear resistance of the liquid pool surface of the liquid pool, blocking the heat pipe from the surface and the internal liquid flow of gas when the gas is heated to a high-pressure side of the vapor condensing effectively transmitted to the end of the heat pipe, thereby completing the process of the heat exchanger pipes pass. "Capillary force heat pipe" is the increase in heat pipe inside a coaxial copper net or trench, the channel and the heat pipe working fluid vapor return channel segmentation, and using copper net and groove to force the liquid lift pump, heat pipe condensation heated working fluid is pumped back end, thus completing the cycle of the heat pipe latent heat of vaporization energy exchange medium.

Patent number: CN200720043396.3


[Technical Parameters]

Technical Project



Heating end diameter


Conventional 8mm

Heated side wall thickness


Conventional 0.5/0.6/0.65 (groove depth 0.15) / 0.7

Condensing end diameter


Conventional 14mm

Heat pipe length

500 ~ 2100mm can be customized

Conventional 1400/1700mm

Start temperature



Isothermal Performance 



Heat transfer performance 



High temperature performance



Low temperature performance