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 Transverse heat pipe

Transverse heat pipe

[Core strengths]

Flat face: the linear laser and ultrasonic welding pipe surface is different, the use of flat heat pipe shaped flat surface design to maximize heat pipe heat exchanger surfaces expand, making the heat pipe and heat-absorbing fins reaching to the joint surface, ensuring fin efficient heat transfer to the heat pipe; small cross section while the characteristics of the heat pipe ensures efficient heat transfer because of the use of the flat surface to bring the effect of reduced design cross-sectional area of liquid, enabling the heat absorbing plate collectors, the heat transfer contact surface, a small section of the heat transfer and heat transfer efficiency ratio.

Low Operating Temperature: Compared to all-glass vacuum tube, the plate-type high-temperature loss and winter frost is more worthy of a user key consideration, plate-type heat pipe working fluid to meet the special low-temperature start-up and winterizing requirements, which can effectively improve the tablet set High temperature solar collector heat loss and winter frost and heat system under low temperature environment.


[Technical Parameters]