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 Split solar water heating system

Split solar water heating system

   Working principle of split heat pipe solar water heating system:

   Split solar water heating system has solar collectors on roof and water tanks inside the house, and transfers heat energy collected by the collectors into the tank by natural or forced circulation of the working fluid between collector and the tank.


   The system comprises of solar collectors, a water tank, one or two heat exchanger, a controller and pump station.


   Features of split Solar water heater:
1. The solar collector is separated with the water tank, the water tank can be located anywhere;
2. Solar collector can be mounted on buildings in different styles;
3. Heat pipe solar collector with anti-freezing fluid inside the tubes will achieve high anti-freezing effect;
4. Intelligent control system is reliable and convenient;
5. Pressurized operation will guarantee sufficient water flow;
6. Split Solar water heatercan be connected with auxiliary heating source at the preset joint.

   Working principle:
   When the diffeference of collector temperature and tank temperature gets to the set value, the circulation system will start work. It will transmit the solar energy from solar collector to the tank.

   Split Solar water heater features:
A. Module design, arbitrary combination, harmonize with the building perfectly
B. Intelligent control and automatic operation
C. Anti-freeze: Using the anti-freezing liquid as the medium and the controller has The anti-freezing function
D. Multifunction: Bathing, washing, domestic heating etc.
E. Work at anytime and enjoyable.
F. Material of Model:

1) The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid
2) Temperature preservation is equipped with standard electric water heater setting, Automatic temperature control exchanger, and increased anode magnesium bars Sticking to prevent furring
3) The insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble and has a good effect of temperature preservation
4) Water tank (interior): Stainless steel inner tank
5) Manifold: Aluminum alloy out casing & red copper flow passage
6) Glass tube: New trivalent element heat tube, borrosilicate glass 3.3
7) Solar working station
8) with heat pipe: Anti-freezing > -35 degrees centigrade
9) Water capacity: 150L, 200L, 250L, 300L, 500L
10) Pressure: 6 Bars
11) Daily efficiency: >= 55%(>=42% in winter)
12) Heat preservation: 72h to 80h
13) Electric heater: 1.5Kw to 3Kw